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Group Travel Experiences

Peace of Mind Travel Services believes “the more the merrier” when it comes to travel. Let us help you with the details of planning your group vacation, from booking amenities, private parties, group activities, or just getting rooms as close to (or as far from) the rest or your party, we will make planning your vacation easy and fun.

Here are a few types of the bond-building, stress-free group getaways we can craft...


For the Culture

Create the ultimate group experience that focuses on the history, traditions, food and the local people of cultural immersive destinations like Ghana, Cuba and Cartagena to name a few.

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Ideal for the individual who is new to international travel and is too busy to plan a group trip. Create a vibe with your group by land or sea to popular destinations in Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean.

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Meetings, Incentive, Conferences & Events

Ideal for the organization leader who wants to take the annual meeting from the boardroom to the beach or reward their top performing employee(s) with a trip of a lifetime.

Group Travel brings people together to create lifelong memories!

Group getaways are perfect for:

  • Joint Ventures & Affinity Groups

  • Milestone Celebrations

  • Girl Getaways or Guy Trips

  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

  • Family Reunions

  • Class Reunions

  • Wellness  Retreats

  • Business Meetings or Conferences
  • Nonprofits - 501(c)3 and more

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Ready to Start Designing Your
Group Travel Experience?

If you’re already feeling relieved at the idea of handing the planning off to a trusted group travel expert, go ahead and get started with scheduling your complimentary travel planning session.

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