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You Must Go To Essence Festival 2020

Essence Fest 2020 will be here before you know it. Happening July 3 - 6th in New Orleans at the Mercedes Benz Superdome. If you’ve never been to Essence Fest or are on the fence about going, we are going to share with you five reasons why you must go next summer.

Don’t experience FOMO this summer.

No one wants to experience FOMO. Am I right?

Here are the 5 reasons you MUST go to Essence Fest in 2020...

Feel Empowered

Feel empowered, appreciated, and celebrated about who you are as an African American woman. Be surrounded for an entire weekend with other women just like you. Leave Essence Fest feeling like you absorbed all that #blackgirlmagic; like the total bomb woman you are, that can do anything and handle anything that comes her way.

Get Lots of FREE Goodies

Essence Fest is the opportunity to snag a bunch of free goodies for your hair, beauty products, signature tote bags, and much more. Trust me, you will NOT leave empty-handed! Save some extra room in your suitcase for all the must-have goodies that you are going to get.

Get Inspired with the Entrepreneurship Conference

Inspire your inner entrepreneurial spirit. Leave the conference feeling ignited and empowered to take the courage to start a side project or business that you have left on hold for WAY too long. Build your empire, impact the lives of others, and get that coin girl.

Held at a Beautiful Southern Location

New Orleans is the perfect setting for this annual event because of its uniqueness, Southern Charm, and lively atmosphere. So many sights to see and delicious food to eat as well. There is truly no other place like it.

Shop the Festival Marketplace

Don’t forget to bring some extra cash or your credit card because the convention center turns into an amazing marketplace that offers a wide variety of items from Black-owned businesses and local New Orleans businesses. Support your community in their business. You will be able to purchase just about anything so get your wallet ready. Don’t forget to leave extra room in your suitcase for those extra goodies too!

Not only are those amazing five reasons for you to go to Essence Fest next summer, but it is the perfect opportunity to be a part of something inspiring and have some summer fun with your friends.

Essence Fest is something that you shouldn’t experience alone. Text your besties and get them to join you for Essence Fest next summer in New Orleans.

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